Tom Ansart (circa 1950)

Resume of:    Tom Ansart

10516 20th ave NE

Seattle, WA 98125

 (206) 935- 8261




Shows Produced by Steeplechase Productions (2001-2011)

Tom Ansart, Producer


Play/Playwright                                                                                                                    Director


What Happened Was…(Tom Noonan)                                                                        John Lowrie

A Couple of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking (John Noonan)                                 John Lowrie

The Hothouse (Harold Pinter)                                                                                       Bill Dore

The Maids (Jean Genet)                                                                                                Isabelle Milinski

Criminal Hearts (Jane Martin)                                                                                        Karen Lane          

Uncle Vanya (Anton Chekov)                                                                                       Jason Rasmussen

I’m Getting My Act Together…(Gretchen Cryer)                                                           Sabrina Prada                     

Seascape (Edward Albee)                                                                                              Jason Rasmussen                               

When We Dead Awaken (Henrik Ibsen)                                                                         Francis Hearn

Reckless (Craig Lucas)                                                                                                    Roger Tompkins 

Jack and Jill (Jane Martin)                                                                                                Ilene Fins

The Millionairess (George Bernard Shaw)                                                                        Roger Tompkins 

Art (Yasmina Reza)                                                                                                         Chris Mayse                        

The Gamblers (Fyodor Dostoevsky, adaptation by Tom Ansart)                                      Dennis Kleinsmith

Huis Clos (Jean Paul Sartre, translation by Tom Ansart)                                                   Chris Mayse

Vixen a Reindeer Cabaret (Billie Wildrick)                                                                         Billie Wildrick

Lettice and Loveage (Peter Shaffer)                                                                                    Mark Zufeld

Life X 3 (Yasmina Reza)                                                                                                   Daniel Wilson

Les Romanesques (Edmond Rostand)                                                                                Scott Taylor

The Cicada Tree (Tom Ansart)                                                                                        Tom Ansart

L’atelier d’écriture (Cesare Orioli)                                                                                     Margaretta Lantz

Nous Etions Assis sur le Rivage du Monde (José Pliya)                                                      Tom Ansart

Cannibales (José Pliya)                                                                                                      Tom Ansart

Les Effracteurs (José Pliya)                                                                                                 David Garfinkle

Complexe de Thénardier (José Pliya)                                                                                   Joseph Lavy

Balzac  (Tom Ansart)                                                                                                         Tom Ansart

Old Clown Wanted   (Visniec)                                                                                             Roger Tompkins

Feydeau Composé  (Feydeau)                                                                                              Cecile Cassanova

Le Deuxième Tilleul a Gauche  (Visniec)                                                                                 Tom Ansart

Happy Days  (Samuel Beckett)                                                                                               Leonid Anisimov

Conte de Deux Villes  (Dickens)                                                                                              Tom Ansart

Le Médecin Malgré Lui (Molière)                                                                                            Roger Tompkins

Les Mutins (Tom Ansart)                                                                                                         Tom Ansart

La Leçon (Eugene Ioneso)                                                                                                        Adrian Cameron

Light in a Vacuum (Tom Ansart                                                                                                Floyd Reichman










Unpublished scripts:

"Katya" an original full length feature screenplay (2013)

 “Souls and Shells” (2004) scene reading at Jewel Box (2006)

“Water for Jack” (2006)

 “Les Jeux Sont Fait” an adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s screen play (rights pending)

“Attending Godeau” a translation/adaptation of a play by Honoré de Balzac staged at Playing French Seattle (2009)

“Camp Windy” (2007)


Production Management

Playing French Seattle (2004 – 2009) – Producer, managing director.  Annual production of a festival of plays by French playwrights and in French language.


Northwest Actors Studio (August 2006 – Dec 2006) - Management contract (4 months)  Responsible for budget and board development, space rentals, accounting, house and production management.


Steeplechase Productions (March 2002 to 2009) - Producer, managing director.  Responsible for budget and board development; payroll, taxes and reports, publishing season schedule, administering Equity and non-equity contracts, press releases, mailing lists, advertising, special event booking.


Magnusson Players (1989) - Managing Director

Directed and managed a teen theater for an alternative high school.  Produced “On a Street Where I Live,” which toured in Washington State and British Columbia high schools.


House Management/ Running Crew

Liberty Theatre (1997-2004) – House manager, box office, concessions, volunteer coordinator, publicity, fundraising, booking special events.

Theater Simple (2005)  House Manager for theater simple’s production of “Camino Real” at the Freehold Theater.

Atlas Theatre Company (2006) – Sound board operator for Atlas’ production of “The Swan” at Northwest Actors Studio.

Akropolis Performance Lab (2006) – Box office, stage manager, lights, for “Oedipus” at Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs.



Adelphi University (1969); BA mathematics

The Evergreen State College (1983); MPA Public Administration

Chapman University (!989 -1997) Adjunct professor (Human Resources Management)

University of Washington (2006 -13) French, Drama  and Comparative Literature, study abroad (Paris, 2007).

Northwest Film Forum (2010, 2011); Final Cut Pro Video Editing, beginning and advanced.

Privare Tutor - Literacy Source (2011 - date).



Theatre Puget Sound

Seattle Dramatists

Playing French Seattle (former executive board member)

Alliance Française (former executive board member)

Northwest Film Forum (Wigley World member)