Chris Mathews


Chris Mathews is a Renaissance Man, who's worked as a writer, actor, director, producer, singer, standup comic, storyteller, workshop organizer  & general pie fingerer.  His play Wollstonecraft precedes Light in A Vacuum in this One-Act Play Festival. He so appreciates your appreciation and is nothing like his character Garcon in real life. Support live playwrights!!!




Chris Mathews


Height: 5’6”                                 Weight: 180 pounds            Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue                          Vocal Range: Tenor             Age Range: 35-45

 Film Credits:

Title                               Character                                 Company          _ 

Curtains                         Harry Weinshack (lead)           Punk Kid Reel     

Flappy: Behind the        Narrator/ Screenwriter            Coup D’etat

Music in the Air

Hope                              Larry (lead)                             Seattle Film Institute

Here We Are One           Featured Vocalist                    Richard Beymer

More Time

Sales Training Film      Customer                                 Honda of Renton

Student Services Film    Narrator                                  Old Dominion Univ.

Television Credits:

Production                         Character                                      Station/ Company

Elvis Invitationals 2006     Blue Suede Avenger            Seattle Public Access

King 5 News (Aug. 11       Harry Weinshack                King 5


The Fugitive                       News Reporter                             ABC

Heckler Line                       Featured Comic                            TCI

Twin Peaks Festival            Commentator                     Komo News

Theater Credits (selected roles):

Midnight Mystery Theater (Chick Cavalier(Lead)); I Love TV (Lead); Two Head Tango (Monologue); Doper’s Laments (Lead); Soup Opera (Lead); Double Crossed (Sanger); Hard Boiled Heart (Lead); Home Is Where The Heart Is (Lead); Pulp Crucifiction (Joe); Hank Hoink (Hank); Devilish Duet (Devil); Monkey Shadows (Dustin); The Dreaded Tale of the Evil Shoebox!!! (Lead); Xerxes’ Reward (Caruso); Briefing (Doctor X); Count Dracula (Jonathan); Winnie the Pooh (Pooh Bear);

Impromptu (Ernest); The Nightmare (Playwright); Child’s Play (Wilson)

Special Skills/ Training:

Stand-Up Comedy (6 years), Elvis impersonation (9 years), Singing, Dancing, Dialects (Regional U.S., English, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Australian, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.), B.A. Speech/ Theater Arts (Old Dominion Univ.)